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2015 Cadillac ATS - Review and Road Test

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Information 2015 Cadillac ATS - Review and Road Test

Title :  2015 Cadillac ATS - Review and Road Test
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Frames 2015 Cadillac ATS - Review and Road Test

Description 2015 Cadillac ATS - Review and Road Test

Comments 2015 Cadillac ATS - Review and Road Test

Paul Giulekas
why kind of review no opinion on braking acceleration handling ??
Comment from : Paul Giulekas

2:09 wtf u lil bitch
Comment from : CarlJohnson

Zan 1920
I recently drove one and i think it was 2019 and it was awesome drive. Love the cranking sound when you push it and BOSE sound system wooooo .... even at 110mph you don’t feel shaky ...
Comment from : Zan 1920

Chris Tudor
I had no idea the door handles were illuminated!
Comment from : Chris Tudor

hr ra
2015 is the newest body style , this is not
Comment from : hr ra

Braulio Robles
I love it I have an all black on black 2015 ats 😍
Comment from : Braulio Robles

John Ward
The reviewer is annoying AF
Comment from : John Ward

Gp Caudillo
2.5l 2016 ats and sadly having problems ☹☹
Comment from : Gp Caudillo

Mehrdad Alidaee
Cadillac is the best is my favorite....
Comment from : Mehrdad Alidaee

E. Patrick Hodges
2015 models do not have the olive branch around the Cadillac logo
Comment from : E. Patrick Hodges

I have a 2018 ats 3.6. The 2.0t is like pressing your foot into dogshit
Comment from : jimbowred1983

Alex Miranda
I have had a 2014 ats 2.0 for a little over a year now and I highly recommend them if anyone is interested in them! I bought mine for 17K with 42K miles, currently about to hit 60k. the prices are definitely going down a bit depending on where you look.
Comment from : Alex Miranda

This is a 2013 CTS.
Comment from : tiger8254

Marc G
Saw one up close last night I will take it with a V6
Comment from : Marc G

De Cnijf Kris
very nice car
Comment from : De Cnijf Kris

De Cnijf Kris
very beautiful car
Comment from : De Cnijf Kris

offliner POZÈI
Comment from : offliner POZÈI

Grover Mcwilliams
I don't know what Cadillac I like the best ATS Are The CTS I will get the CTS ? are the Toyota Avalon 2010 I want all 3 pick one you choose
Comment from : Grover Mcwilliams

Symon Says TV
This ain't a 2015.
Plus it has been publish in 2013

Comment from : Symon Says TV

Am I doing the research wrong, or is this actually the 2013-2014 ATS, not a 2015???? The 2015 has a different front bumper than this. What gives????
Comment from : RWDtech

Wish I had one
Comment from : Kristian

Andersa Car Review
Great Car, Cadillac ATS, i Love It
Comment from : Andersa Car Review

Harish Narayanan
Looks beautiful ! Hands down!
Comment from : Harish Narayanan

Put button on CUE.. GM are using cadillac as a tester for Camaro now. So everything that doesn't work well in the ats they will improve it in the camaro.
Comment from : 007

Sophie Navarro
I have this vehicle and I absolutely love it!
Comment from : Sophie Navarro

this guys voice is good
Comment from : golfmaniac007

Glen W. Ford
I know it`s get at least 26 MPG. Cadillac has a high customer satisfaction rate in regarding to being serviced. Any one have the 2.5L?
Comment from : Glen W. Ford

I'd pass on the turbo because of premium gas.
Comment from : bassistdc

Beast 1337
Lol I participated in a draw for this!
Comment from : Beast 1337

David Roth
Micah's the best, and this is one if my favorite of his reviews. But when's he getting to the 2014 CTS? Thank you.
Comment from : David Roth

If there is a wealthy woman that would like to buy me a 2014 ATS,please contact me!
Comment from : N2LADIES55

Scott Walper
had n xts for a week with cue, its very easy to u se, don't need to pound the screen, just a tap..if ur an idiot then yes beat it by all means
Comment from : Scott Walper

You want that cluttered up touchwiz interface on a car?
Comment from : chltmdwp

cadillac should use a snapdragon 800 SoC for the CUE interface. IMO, they should partner with Samsung to develop an android based galaxy-flavor OS for their driver interface.
Comment from : ken060693

Neil K
Faster than a cat on hallucinogens?
Comment from : Neil K

Evan Ganske
The Pontiac G6 was going to be remodeled for this platform/architecture. It makes me sad knowing the plans of Pontiac :'(
Comment from : Evan Ganske

Phil Charleston
I love this car. I want it.
Comment from : Phil Charleston

Phil Charleston
Isn't magnesium highly flammable??
Comment from : Phil Charleston

or add GPU support.
Comment from : chltmdwp

3 series is still better
Comment from : MrZZZZZ101

JF is that you?! 1:54
Comment from : iFumoffu

Mohammad AlSaeed
Micah and Mat Watson are the best
Comment from : Mohammad AlSaeed

Adam M
Great video guys! Drove the V6 and the 2.0t and love both! The ATS is one great car. I really can't believe that Cadillac got it so right...
Comment from : Adam M

Black Jack
i like Cadillac
Comment from : Black Jack

Curtis 74
sorry my bad. the r8 and q7 are identical and the tt and a5 are the same too. and the z4 is an identical twin to the 7 series
Comment from : Curtis 74

Terrance Parker
Drove one a few weeks ago and I was surprised. Nice machine this is. It's very clean inside and out. The drive was compliment and when called upon you can be aggressive with confidence.
Comment from : Terrance Parker

Great review as always guys, wonderful, drove the car myself and loved it. Side note, do you guys plan to review the Buick Verano Turbo? I'd love your guys opinion on that since its not to far different from the ATS even though yes they target different segments.
Comment from : Andrew

You're calling me a fanboy because my family owns multiple VWs that are reliable? What are you, 12? You think I don't know about VWs bad record? You're saying I'm wrong when I say that my uncle's 2004 Jetta, and cousin's 2005 Golf are as solid as a rock? Get your head out of your ass and your computer screen, and into the real world, there are many reliable German cars out there. Your brother only tends to a fraction of a fraction of cars on the road.
Comment from : ewt415

For the price the S4 is the better car and all wheel drive standard. Oh ya excellent resale value to boot. This thing looks cheap inside.
Comment from : david

turbo make critical oil maintenance, stick with big N/A engines
Comment from : djkasdjkasdjdjdj

Winston C
Get a Lincoln mks, higher price tag but much more luxury
Comment from : Winston C

Wow, that ML case is unfortunate.
Comment from : ewt415

Then you are the luckiest person in the entire world. Between me and my extended family, we have owned a C240, ML430, S430 and CLK430. The one thing they all had in common was the fact that they NEVER worked. The ML had to be brought back to MB for repairs 14 times in 2 years! We had loaner cars for 29 days (one month!) for that one POS alone. We forced MB to terminate the lease by threatening to sue them under Connecticut's Lemon Law.
Comment from : marshknute

I guess I just got the best of the batch then. All the German cars my family and friends have owned had excellent reliability records too, from VWs to BMWs, and Porsches.
Comment from : ewt415

ATS-V. Make it happen GM!!
Comment from : doreencameron1comcas

Four letters: ATS-V.
Comment from : Jeredin13

Chilly Jerry
If GM makes a $25k Chevy with the same turbo engine and performance, then we'll talk about it.
Comment from : Chilly Jerry

I have a 2003 MB E320 with 230k miles. Had a transmission replacement at 200k miles. Other than that, it only goes to the shop for service.
Comment from : ewt415

why so late on post videos?
Comment from : ThatBlackGuy

Craig Kaeding
Review the CTS-V
Comment from : Craig Kaeding

Lowell Dizon
Good looking car. Fix the CUE and improve reliability and it will be in my shopping list!
Comment from : Lowell Dizon

José Carlos
that car looks Good!
Comment from : José Carlos

Go Cadillac!
Comment from : Archie

Hari Teja Nayani
Amazing Cinematography!!
Comment from : Hari Teja Nayani

Curtis 74
Cadillac is worse than Audi in terms of car differentiation. Audi has sports cars that look different but all Cadillacs look nearly identical
Comment from : Curtis 74

Babicka Fantastica
Comment from : Babicka Fantastica

طِبَعِـِكٍ تِغِيـِرِ
Comment from : طِبَعِـِكٍ تِغِيـِرِ

Comment from : ribadib

Reuben Jenkin
Great video as usual thanks Keller
Comment from : Reuben Jenkin

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