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Cadillac ATS Review - One Take

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Title :  Cadillac ATS Review - One Take
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Comments Cadillac ATS Review - One Take

Roderick Usher
Probably the lamest ATS review I've seen, very little substance.
Comment from : Roderick Usher

Paul Wiseman
The 3.6 is a mistake. I've you're not going to pony up for a V, get the 2.0T. It's punchy, and responds extremely well to simple mods. Tuning is where you can make quite a bit of power cheaply. The 3.6 is anemic with regard to torque, with the 2.0 producing 20 more lb/ft over the V6. I don't get the gripes with the CUE, aside from it cracking if you don't use a sunshade. The steering wheel buttons being "Too far apart" seems laughable unless you're a little person. Plus the voice recognition is spot on. I'll admit to being a bit biased, since I own a fairly modded 2014 Luxury, but I paid less than 20 grand for a pristine model with less than 20k miles. The amount of luxury + performance per dollar (after the first owner eats the initial depreciation) is astounding vs its Euro counterparts.
Comment from : Paul Wiseman

Irie lyfe
And it is a 5 star scale. Your were at 4. Now 2
Comment from : Irie lyfe

Irie lyfe
After owning this car. Your ranking as a journalist went down 2 points
Comment from : Irie lyfe

After a couple months of research for a nice used car that had some decent performance, I narrowed it down to the ATS Premium w/3.6L (same as the shown here)
Not easy to find locally, as most have the 2.0 turbo, but my wait paid off when one in very good condition popped up under $15K and I jumped on it.
I love it! Power and handling is fun as pointed out in this video. As far as the interior, I like that to.. (I've had worse) Heated seats have endless adjustments along with memory recall. heated steering wheel with paddle shifters, sunroof, sport/tour/ice&snow drive modes.. CUE buttons.. like a woman, are responsive once you learn where they liked to touched. And I keep a microfiber cloth in the secret compartment behind the climate controls to wipe off the screen. All-in-all, Great value if you buy used.

Comment from : MrPageplayer

I’m surprised you didn’t get a DUI, because you’re obviously high on crack.
You should start a food review channel, ya fat fuck.
I saw you drive the ZZP 2.0 ATS and I was embarrassed for you. Go sit in the corner.

Comment from : youregatorbait

Okay, So I bought an ATS4 V6 a week ago and after owning German cars for 7 years, I'd like to correct the record.. My ATS has a better built interior than ANY of its German rivals (seriously), the Germans don't even come close to driving joy unless you MAYBE get an M, S, or AMG, and lastly, the sound of the V6 is incredible. They weren't afraid to make an engine you can hear. The true test will be its reliability, which I can't report yet. This revue is shockingly bogus. I don't have a horse in the race, I really tried out everything and Cadillac produced the nicest, least boring vehicle in that class. End of Story. Only car that felt similar was a Jaguar XE, but it actually wasn't as loud, the interior was mostly cheap plastic, it was double the price for same year and mileage, and after I finished the test drive there was 3 inches of sitting water in the rear footwell that appeared inexplicably.
Comment from : ThePhatShack

Jar Sco
I've watched multiple videos on the ats 3.6 coupe and sedan, and all of them say it's better than its competitors. The only one that doesn't is this review. So I'm confused as to what he drove.
Comment from : Jar Sco

Jon Tim
Bwhahahaha!!! Nice review. Great Voice. Obviously know what your talking about. Appreciate the vote Trump 2020 hat in the back seat.
Comment from : Jon Tim

Jon Tim
Bwhahahaha!!! Nice review. Great Voice. Obviously know what your talking about. Appreciate the vote Trump 2020 hat in the back seat.
Comment from : Jon Tim

Dude you have some big ass calf’s!!!
Comment from : DA BEARDSMEN

You swerved for a squirrel? Idiot.
Comment from : aluisious

David B.
Ive driven, Porsche, mercedes, maserati, GM, Corvettes, Mazda, BMW, et al. I have NEVER driven a car this solid. Even my wife said. "I feel like im wearing it."...
Comment from : David B.

A car that is every bit as good as a 3 Series but without the douchebag drivers
Comment from : pontiacGXPfan

Ronin Williams
I smoked a 2door bmw way above this price point in that same car,with a wife screaming and mudvayne blasting on the stereo...Go caddy😎...fuk m
Comment from : Ronin Williams

I'm a Uber driver and I try not to put people over 6ft in the back seat.
Comment from : w41duvernay

V- knights
Took my 2.0t ATS on its first road trip, whole fam, luggage and everything and even with all that weight it goes uphill for miles EFFORTLESSLY! Credits to Diablo Sport Tuner as well.
Comment from : V- knights

Christopher Kelly
The interior really isn't worse than it's competitors, It's way better. It has real aluminum or carbon fiber interior accents, awesome leather dash, high res center info screen, great nav, and a heads up display! The black and high gloss screen are hard to keep clean but I just wipe mine down occasionally.

What do the competitors offer? Orange dot matrix displays - what year is it? Clunky cheesey sliding gauge - that performance mode does nothing unlike the MRC in the ATS. Small low resolution dim navigation screen or one that looks like it's stuck to the dash with a $19.99 mount.

It's not boring to drive around the city, it's comfortable on the commute. Yet at the same time has the driving dynamics you describe. To me that's a phenomenal quality.

It truly saddens me that these cars were unsuccessful and now many will not get to experience them.

Comment from : Christopher Kelly

Best car in the class to purchase used.
Comment from : NickT

Cavallier Bus
An honest evaluation of this car. I did appreciate it. Congratulations. If GM upgrades the materials of those gadgets, the car will be perfect. Everyone person that tests the ATS gets pretty impressed with its handling quality.
Comment from : Cavallier Bus

Saul M
Matt I love you but funny thing is you bought a fiesta st those cars interior disintegrates as you touch them before 10k miles lol
Comment from : Saul M

Juan Carlos Villaverde
I did not like this review at all it kind of frustrated me how he was criticizing the ats so much
Comment from : Juan Carlos Villaverde

Purp Le
what would be your choice ? manual 2.0 liter turbo or automatic v6?
Comment from : Purp Le

Casey Klein
Gees what a bitch
Comment from : Casey Klein

Went back in time and found the very first One Take. Nice buddy.
Comment from : ZRXAdventures

hello hi
Never seen 3.6 ats rental car or other in this class
Comment from : hello hi

I'm considering a 2.0t 6spd manual sedan. but the lack of rear leg room seems like a deal breaker. I'm thinking the problem with cue is most of the people who review cars are old and probably don't like touchscreen anything. with that being said I like the layout in the regal gs better as it does keep some buttons.
Comment from : RS1

Andy Grove
Everyday driver is way more informative. Your videos too much bitching. U need to more information and have someone else to give their opinion on the car. You suck
Comment from : Andy Grove

Conner M
This guy has terrible taste. CUE system is great, buttons take a little getting used to but nothing to complain about, the controls on the steering wheel are great, and I honestly love the gauges.
Comment from : Conner M

It's 2:13am as I was browsing through YouTube before drifting back to
sleep... Then I came upon an ATS video I hadn't seen before. My jaw
dropped at the absurdity of this video. Before purchasing my ATS 3.6
Premium AWD 3 weeks ago, I test drove a 2014 Audi A6 Premium AWD V6(I
forget if it was supercharged or turbocharged) and a 2014 BMW 528i
X(AWD). BMW's have always been the cars I loved and respected. But with being a what's better is better type of guy I couldn't deny the Audi due to it's perceived quality, interior design and being the faster of the two. So I was sold!... on the Audi until I seen the ATS and it made me recall the video series Cadillac did about ALL the engineering talent that went into making the ATS great... So I told the sales person at CARMAX that I'd like to drive the ATS before doing the paperwork on the A6. I started by looking and feeling around the cabin of the ATS... I was astonished! It was as well padded with soft touch points as the BMW and though different it was as aesthetically pleasing in my eyes as the Audi. We set out on the same course as before with the other cars. Main road full throttle WOW(It's hard to put into words what many Great videos of this car's acceleration is like!!!) I couldn't believe this was a V6!!! Over the same bumps I couldn't believe that the same sharp bumps that made the Audi have a "harsh" time felt like rolling over sticks of warm butter in the ATS! but the BMW was still smoother. And the handling was Go-Cart like! Between the vette-like pin you in you seat acceleration, Laser precision steering/handling, smooth ride and Beautiful cabin. I was SOLD on the ATS! Driving it home made me SO proud to be an American because we no longer can only build the most advanced stealth fighter jets we now can build some of the best cars and SUVs as well!

Comment from : Aequanimitus

I just bought my ATS a few days ago and I honestly can't understand why everyone is bitching about the cue system. Maybe it's just older folks (I am 24), but I got use to the CUE system after a day of ownership. Really like how it works and I hope they build upon the platform. Love the ATS, I tested an A4 and a couple three series BMW's. They just weren't doing it for me in the looks department (and I've heard about some QC issues). The ATS checks all the boxes, AWD for the winter, peppy 2.0T engine, awesome Bose sound system, quick in a straight line and around corners, and it is extremely pretty in my opinion. Absolutely in love with this car and love learning new things about it every day.
Comment from : MagnumPI4

it sounds like a nice rental car right after saying the v6 sounds like a spoon in a garbage disposal..... this guys review was automatically invalid for me right there lmao
Comment from : David

I was enjoying this video until you killed baby squirrel lol awesome review.
Comment from : FUTURE MIKE

Ramod Tillis
I'm so tired of people riding the German cars you know what. I had a BMW 5 series good performance car but shitty reliability after 50k miles I needed a A/C compressor, like really? My Audi A6, I can't lie was an all around good car I have to give props. My Lexus GS drives smooth and my Cadillac ATS 2.0T is by far better than all of them hands down. I will never buy BMW again.
Comment from : Ramod Tillis

Calvin Pollard
The sound of the V6 is not bad at all to me. But hey, to each his own.
Comment from : Calvin Pollard

a squirrel was harmed in the making of this video
Comment from : EEE Y

You're pretty harsh on cadillac matt. Don't know why because you're obviously a GM guy.
Comment from : nezerac

Alexiia Borg
ATS in Europe though...all matt says was nearly spot on'.. quality next to m3 is years back. great drive. shit in bad weather.
Comment from : Alexiia Borg

Vlad The Inhaler
4:08 dafug?
Comment from : Vlad The Inhaler

Christopher Rivera
Test out the atsv???
Comment from : Christopher Rivera

Alec D.
It's a shame they went cheap on the interior. I really wanted to like this car. I'm glad it drives well. And I like the design, inside and out. I think it's a nice change of pace from the competition. The Germans just seem so vanilla to me. Hopefully the coupe version will be better. 
Comment from : Alec D.

dat calves though 2:33
Comment from : PraiseForAll

The guy also intentionally tries to make roadkill. Seems like PWT.
Comment from : DJCamYank

Overly harsh review that is out of step with Motor Trend, Car & Driver, etc. Your opinion. Your review.
Comment from : DJCamYank

Scott Walper
this fat, nasty turd needs to be driving a KIa Soul..he looks like the hamster/rat that drive it, in the commercials...interesting the ATs has won automotive praise for the engine/handling and materials/fit finish, on the inside...this guy is a dumb ass....
Comment from : Scott Walper

Andrew Lane
Yo TST it's funny because I think this car is a lot like my 2003 SAAB 9-5 AERO. GM took a lot of technology from Saab when they bought the rest of Saab in 1999, which was around the same time the Cadillac announced its art in science focus. My 9-5 is 3400 lbs handles well, it's a safe, fast, turbo, sport luxury sedan. I mean Cadillac was building big boats before they bought Saab. They just took all there technology and dumped them.

I'm going to build a track beast 9-5 with 450-500whp and hopefully you will come review it and give saab a little credit where it is do.

Comment from : Andrew Lane

First american car review that doesnt kiss american cars a*s, i liked it.
Comment from : 1Ministras

Jose Duran
Kharma is coming back to you. Please shave, body wax and change cars. A suitable vehicle for you is the Nissan juke. What a joke
Comment from : Jose Duran

Aaron Pace
This is what I hope to be buying, although one with a 2.0T and manual trans.  I wish CUE would be fixed I really don't understand why its still all screwed up. I want it to be more of a fun DD
Comment from : Aaron Pace

John Koch
You sum up perfectly why I don't buy American cars...the tactile experience behind the wheel...how those buttons "click" when pressed, the gauges, the feel of the sun visor, etc. And unfortunately, though better in recent years, the domestically-produced Yank cars just aren't there yet.
Comment from : John Koch

Dave Gifford
Surely picking 6 numbers on the lottery can not be that hard!!!!
Comment from : Dave Gifford

GM spent money on features and driving dynamics and CUE, they cheaped out a bit on the interior for sure.
cue is actually improving rapidly, since cadillac is panicking and pushing out software updates like nuts
plus this car just looks delightfully different, it's very classic batmobile-like

Comment from : Ryukachoo

Kranz Ferguson
real talk bmw's exterior styling for 2013 sucks... id take the ats any day... Id like to see him try the 2014 Cts
Comment from : Kranz Ferguson

Matt I have to say I disagree with you on the interior quality of the ATS. I have test driven the ATS a few times with different interiors and engines. The quality is there. Cadillac used high quality leather, high quality plastics and real polished metals. The V6 exhaust note put a smile on my face. Everything is beautifully done inside and out. Cadillac feels like a "rental"?  I own a 2008 550i. The soft touch film is literally peeling off the door handles. The car does random no starts with no code and I paid 600 dollars for a battery install and program. I'm trading it for an ATS 3.6. People will buy it. You're too biased to do a good fair review.
Comment from : 1bigoptimus

robert Brewer
Hey Matt this is my first time throwing you a line I'm Robert from Mississippi and I first saw your ride in the venom cool as s#$t and I've been waiting on an ATS review from someone I that I respect I knew it couldn't live up to the cts-v even if it had that big V8 thanks
Comment from : robert Brewer

Joel Langton
No matter what cadillac does the quality of interior bits are never as good as a like priced audi or bmw. They just feel cheap. Hints why the value of these cars dive bombs more times than not. This just seems like a flop to me...
Comment from : Joel Langton

The problem is Matt, you speak about this car like douche bag speaks about American cars. You know there are different ways of saying the same thing. And this car is not as bad as you implied. I remind you there are other car reviewers around who are no less "honest" than yourself. And they mentioned the interior styling and technology as well, as the weak points of this car. But none tried to trash it like a douche bag hater would. If you love to suck European dick be less obvious.
Comment from : Fussinated

lucas hoffman
Review the Buick gs
Comment from : lucas hoffman

matt made a good point at the end there. they got the hard stuff done. hopefully they just make the next ATS a nicer quality car, and they'll have a real 3 series killer
Comment from : Veyronp87

Mikias Kelel
Love the intro song. Does anyone know the title of it?
Comment from : Mikias Kelel

1:00 youre welcome..
Comment from : BLUE

luke mcvicar
If American manufactuers would spend a bit of money on there cars instead of trying to undersell there competitors people will spend, its why volkswagen is growing faster then any other company right now, they spend more then toyota and gm on there cars to make them.better quality and the customer sees it.
Comment from : luke mcvicar

You are a great car reviewer
Comment from : TheWanskiz

I agree with Matt. The dash board looks ghastly, especially the guages. I can only imagine the interior materials aren't good either.
Comment from : CounsilHan

To be honest..gm n food has good engines but their build quality n materials r not ip to par with other luxary brands.
Comment from : bludetrade

More films :) and would love to see some more badass supercars. Also cars like rs7, sls black series etc would be nice to see
Comment from : WayAWayVlogs

So much fail in this comment.....
Comment from : nbrigdan

J.P Hendertroll
Awesome review, and I couldn't agree with how cheap that interior outlay feels. I've used one on the 2013 SRX and it just felt like I would break it within a month, especially that touch screen they put in there. Also was the grill made of plastic aswell? Looks terrible but I'm excited to see what they can do with it in the next years comming. Glad to hear that it drives it drives properly.
Comment from : J.P Hendertroll

bubanzizwag pnw
u are a dumb ass telling this car is not good
Comment from : bubanzizwag pnw

bubanzizwag pnw
Comment from : bubanzizwag pnw

Royal Ham
4:07 Lol.
Comment from : Royal Ham

Marcus V
lol he said he'd rather have the ATS than the BMW, i'm suuurreeeee he's getting paid by BMW. Dumbass :p
Comment from : Marcus V

Thought it was as fair a review as I've seen you do. In all I actually think your appreciation of the car's handling/performance outweighed the things you didn't like, to the point that I now feel that some of their lame ad hype is actually true (a different marketing approach is another thing GM needs to invest in). Keep up the good work, don't let the Euro h8ers get you down.
Comment from : MrHypermoto

If that's the case, I'm glad they fixed it. I spoke to some engineers after my bad experience in the 2.0T 6MT press car and they agreed it wasn't very good and needed working on. That was about three months or so before your car's build date. I can't even tell you how many times I went into R while trying to do a fast 3-2 downshift. It really needed one of those "push-back gates like BMW uses.
Comment from : TheSmokingTire

Oh don't get me wrong, I thing GM was a terribly run company for years that is only starting to come around, and still produces utter fails (hello, XTS). On the other hand, when American engineers get together, whatever company they work for, and the bean counters don't get in the way, they can make some damn fine cars. My Corvette, Raptor, and Volt are fine examples of that. When these companies do right, I support them using my wallet, not just my words.. When they do wrong, well, you know.
Comment from : TheSmokingTire

doesnt look like a new car
Comment from : Answerzombies

Fast Er
The problem is nobody drive their cars hard all the time. You want a car to be good when you drive around the city, on highway and on a mountain road. That means it has to be a good mix to deliver all that. It can't deliver 10/10 everywhere but 8/10 because of the compromise. If it's good only on twisty roads it means it's set up too hard and the ride will be harsh on other occasions like the Cadillac.
Comment from : Fast Er

Fast Er
Don't bother, there are fanatics, be it car fanatics or nationalist fanatics that never listen to reason. If you say anything negative about their car or a product from their country, even if it's staring them in the face, they lose it. Finally an honest review of the new Cadillac.
Comment from : Fast Er

So...base model with 6 speed without the Cue is the best then....140 TW though...seems iffy and might be masking some handling issues...
Comment from : racingmaniacgt1

فهد الشمري
hhh ok i love it
Comment from : فهد الشمري

I love how people say I'm anti-GM when I currently, like right this second, have two GM cars in my garage: a Corvette and a Volt. Not press cars, I own them. I also have a Ford Raptor. So stick your anti-american car bias bullshit up your ass, because right now, I own three American cars and one British car that was built under an American parent company.
Comment from : TheSmokingTire

Matt, your reviews are so honest and legit keep it up man!
Comment from : d

So which mountain roads/canyons do you like to drive on and possibly shoot? I drive up and down the 14 freeway every day, and let me say that I find it to mostly be a horrible experiencewhen most people are awake, and a bring experience when they're asleep. So what I do, is I bypass it from time to time by going through Soledad cyn, Bouquet cyn, Sierra hwy, or [if I'm desperate]San Francisquito cyn. And though I can probably guess where you shot the Lotus, can't guess where the others were shot.
Comment from : SHiFT Di3S3L

to be the best one they need to stand on their own without GMs backup. GM is a cancer who has no feelings for cars what so ever Look at all the brands they have laid down. Isn't that a cancer we don't know whats is.
Comment from : swetomboy

Samniss Arandeen
Like I said, GM has no idea how to sell their cars.
Comment from : Samniss Arandeen

Tristan S
GM has murdered many brands since the 70s. They have butchered the heritage, nameplates, and technology of brands such as Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and made up stupid new ones like Eagle, Saturn, Geo, all of which contributed to the demise of old brands. Now I'm pro GM, I think they can make good cars, but they had some DARK-ass times, like all of the 80s, 90s, and 00s (Pontiac rebadge of a Chevy Aveo and Cobalt? gtfo)
Comment from : Tristan S

I think this car is Sharp
Comment from : misterjgl

Samniss Arandeen
How is GM cancer? (Aside from their executives, who clearly have no idea how to run a company or sell a car). Cadillac has plenty of other marques they can grab platforms and engines and parts from to save money while still getting a quality part.
Comment from : Samniss Arandeen

Strange, the manual in my 2.0T RWD (Aug. '12 manufacture date) works just fine...not as precise as the one in my S2k, but much better than some of the rubberband-bushing sticks that VW/Audi throws into circulation . Absolutely none of the clunkiness that was exhibited in the car that made the press rounds.
Comment from : dumpus

bad build quality I guess
Comment from : HackZiLLa

Matt, you're a pretty good reviewer.
Comment from : HackZiLLa

The BMW 335i has the best tuning options. I haven't heard a thing about packages for Lexus or Caddy/ The Audi 2.0T engines have decent options from APR too, but not as good as BMW's.
Comment from : TheSmokingTire

The ATS is selling very well because of the massive rebates, which BMW/Audi/Lexus aren't offering. The auto transmission was good, the manual was terrible.
Comment from : TheSmokingTire

Wilmot Bonnet
Matt, buddy... You are completely right about most things on the ats. But people cross shopping a BMW obviously care about every review saying the caddy is better dynamically because the ATS is selling VERY well. And yeah, I'm definitely getting mine without Cue. Two questions, the magnetic ride control is adjustable right? And how was the transmission? im thinking about getting the turbo for the manual and the tuning possibilities
Comment from : Wilmot Bonnet

Kyle B
Matt. Since you do tuned I know you are the perfect person to ask this. Out of the 3 cars you have tested in this class (Lexus Cadillac BMW) Which of the 3 do you think has the best potential for more power? I know you didnt have the 2.0T in the Caddy which I think would be the better tuning option over the 3.6. I have a 135i right now tuned to about 400hp and I am looking for something newer to replace it and be around the same power. Thank you for always telling it like it is in your videos.
Comment from : Kyle B

I feel sorry for that litttle helpless animal...
Comment from : behems007

Joe Blow
I agree, this is great American automotive journalism!
Comment from : Joe Blow

From 6:16 to 7:24 is why I watch the smoking tire. I love gr8 journalism.
Comment from : FameAppeal

aesthetics and ergonomics are the first things one notices in a car, so they are equally important as the mechanics. Nice review though, unbiased to be precise.
Comment from : Adi

OK thanks ill look around.
Comment from : TheMegaCONARTIST

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