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Its available with 3 engine choices: 2.0L Turbo i4, 2.5L i4, 3.6L v6
Comment from : JAGExecutiveServicesInc

hr ra
this is the best car i own . cadillac only sold about 30k of these 10% of which are coupes and the V.
Comment from : hr ra

John Ward
Highly underrated car.
Comment from : John Ward

pl 3238
Interior looks cheap🤣
Comment from : pl 3238

Sabah Mansour' ashes
Does it have LEDs
Comment from : Sabah Mansour' ashes

It's a POS folks
Comment from : billybob2773

Jay D
It is a sports car. It is a sports luxury sedan
Comment from : Jay D

*321hp for the v6
Comment from : Bob

I bought a 2014 cts luxury awd with the 2.0 turbo for just under $20,000 only had 34,000 miles on it love it
Comment from : Metalmachine467

Tomasso Bianco
I had a 2014, it was just too small for me (Always been a big car guy) Sold it for a CTS instead, much better car overall IMO, feels like a much better, much more luxurious and well made product.
Comment from : Tomasso Bianco

Emma Krabill
This is an amazing car. I just got the 2018 ats and I absolutely love driving it!
Comment from : Emma Krabill

Hunk of SHIT! Typical GM quality control which means NO quality control. 2 weeks ago my dad just traded his CTS4 with 30k mi on it for this new 3.6 AWD one and got $9K for it. NEW one has a misaligned hood, plastic grill that SIMULATES brushed aluminum was ALREADY scratched, driver side doors don't line up even though the pass-side one do, you can't read the info screen wearing polarized glasses, uneven panel-gaps all the way around and yesterday my brother and I noticed the shark-fin antenna was glued on crooked with the tail of it off-center by 1/2". This is a brand new, fucking CADILLAC that has more flaws than a low-range KIA could EVER leave the factory with. Quality control my ASS!
If you are in the market for one of these squished dimension ugly SOB's; thoroughly inspect yours before taking delivery. Maybe Dad's was finished on a Friday at 5pm? 🤔 Fine on a POS Chevy Cruze but a CADDY?!? Like Buick; Cadillac is a brand that will NEVER be a part of my fleet. (Aug 2018)
ATS-> Ain't The Same

Comment from : GoofyLeo3

I have a 2.0t it’s awesome and I agree with people saying the v6 is stronger but I didn’t think the gas was worth it
Comment from : GrandHustle97

The only car I know that when you drive it feel like your not even only on road it that’s how Cadillac feel out all the cars i driven Cadillac is smoothest period
Comment from : Mostwantedjk

Give me a shout out plz
Comment from : SAUCDUP JAY

Mario Lopez
Cadillac may have to prove itself as Hyundai did. With better reliability and a longer warranty.
Comment from : Mario Lopez

Mistah Unknown
Can a 6ft tall person fit in the backseat? Is it comfy for people who are tall?
Comment from : Mistah Unknown

Mitsubishi Electric
I have 2.5 is more than enough, powerful
Comment from : Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric
What a wonderful car I have ever never seen before, I love it
Comment from : Mitsubishi Electric

CurtRaptor 9963
1 thing I dont like is it dont have LED
Comment from : CurtRaptor 9963

Cadillac are great cars
Comment from : ACE MARTINEZ

America make the ugliest cars.
Comment from : notformebeaky

El George
Can I trade my 94 for that
Comment from : El George

A luxury well engineered fast car and some of these clowns keep talking about knobs butoons and fingerprints .what a bunch of whiny old ladies.
Comment from : 738polarbear

Владислав Чуй
I have 2014 ATS Base 2.0T AWD for 1.5 year now, even if you buy it used like I did, it still depreciates like crazy. I would switch to a newer ATS if Cadillac adds standard LED headlights. I think Cadillac needs to extend their warranty, they are known to build not reliable cars, that's why no one wants to buy it.
Comment from : Владислав Чуй

Roshan Basnet
Comment from : Roshan Basnet

Dan Cojocaru
Leased this for 3 years and brought it to the garage 15 times (not exaggerating) - from infotainment crash to wheal/tire/door noise ... Very much enjoyed the driving experience but the reliability is just GM garbage, too bad.
Comment from : Dan Cojocaru

Nisso Kampeas
i m driveng ats 2015 and i dont feel comfortable , hard driveng and also the  gasoline finish in short  city drive...
Comment from : Nisso Kampeas

Likeable enough in many regards, the compact ATS luxury/sports sedan is neither as sporty as the BMW 3 Series it targets, nor is it as luxurious as the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. With an overall score of 57 and a reliability rating of minus-120, Consumer Reports appreciated the ATS’ driving dynamics and exterior/interior styling, but was less enamored of its gruff and under-powered turbocharged engine, very cramped seat and trunk, difficult entry and exiting, and its confounding controls. It scored below average in all three of the JD Power studies (Initial Quality, Dependability, and Design/Performance), and is expected to hold onto just 43% of its original value after three years and 31% after five years.
Comment from : theonemodifier

Kenneth Southard
I have a 2013 with the Premium package and the V6. To No issues after 54K miles. Yes the backseat is small, CUE could be better and it rides a little harsh (my plan is to later replace the run flats in front to smooth out the ride). However, the driving dynamics of this car are awesome, one of the best I have ever owned. Mine does have the HID headlights, and I see that many commenters here are faulting the incandescent turn signals and the touch controls. I will gladly trade those two minor items for the Magnetic suspension and Limited slip differential that this car has, that it's competitors do not.
Comment from : Kenneth Southard

Noah Ortega
I don’t think Lincoln can be this close to Cadillac, Cadillac has clearly been in the game longer, and they know what their loyal GM members want
Comment from : Noah Ortega

Boring styling.
Comment from : renewer

Traded in my 2015 ATS at a great loss due to mold problem in HVAC system that GM has no fix for. Shame.
Comment from : JJCFA

bland interior.
Comment from : CAMPER PRO

I barely seen any new ATS since 2015 passed by. Still looking at the 2017 model and I'm frankly disgusted at how decontented the ATS has become over the years, with options & features all over the place. The pricing is also kind of silly, despite the fact Cadillac has been putting strong incentives on their sedans.

Honestly with how bad ATS & CTS sales have been, I won't be at all surprised if Cadillac ditches their RWD sedans altogether and instead focused on their XT series SUVs & the big money maker, the Escalade. And that would be a sad day indeed - RIP Alpha platform.

Comment from : Trades46

This is not a 18'. Why are they passing it as one.
Comment from : P B

Mike Bird
Absolutely love my ATS, I'm single with a couple of dogs and this car is PERFECT for me, backseats are tight but my 10 and 7yr old nephews have never complained, besides being the best handling sport sedan on the market it also has plenty of hp for speeding up in traffic(2.0T), rides great, only complaint I have is the led running lights should be standard AF.
Comment from : Mike Bird

Knowledge Sharing Tech
I have 2 small kids, is it ok if I buy it?
Comment from : Knowledge Sharing Tech

I hope they can use these platforms for SUVs.   Sedans just don't sell anymore, at least in North America.  Unfortunately the Caddy SUVs don't match up to the Caddy Sedans.
Comment from : crumdoggy

Noor Wouters
Writing club letter pminuc late hope model hostage majority network.
Comment from : Noor Wouters

8-speed or 10-speed?
Comment from : SP392

Rudy F
If only it's infotainment system was better and its turbo engine was more refined I'd seriously look at it.
Comment from : Rudy F

Johnny Aguiar
Love it
Comment from : Johnny Aguiar

My nephew had one and it definitely is a great car, but like all GM cars dont buy them, new youll save your money if you buy them used
Comment from : thatamerican550

Rye Shelton.
this car looks hideous and awkward in the exterior...looks like a moper drag race car. JUST UGLY.
Comment from : Rye Shelton.

Stevie G
Nicer enough review, But  it would be nice to see you step on the gas and give us your feedback. Also give us the zero to 60 times for both engines. Show us the trunk and how the seats lay down.  Why doesn't anyone show us how golf clubs fit?  Every car manufacturer now makes space for clubs. So it is obviously important!
Comment from : Stevie G

Zack can you make a review on the new designed Lincoln MKZ?
Comment from : Yngvar

hate the rear design of Cadillac. looks old-ish...
Comment from : Yngvar

Memento Mori
us cars have poor reliability except ford fusion
Comment from : Memento Mori

CruiserTech GT
the emblum is so (too) big.
Comment from : CruiserTech GT

I think when the Genesis G70 comes out, the Cadillac ATS is really going to have a tough time competing with it.
Comment from : aircanuck

Rida Al Osman
Agreed that this car is an alternative to the 3 series though the new 3 series is now softer than before. I found the sport suspension on the ATS to be stiff and punishing for daily driving. Also, the v6 is not as refined as the BMW 3 series inline 6. I would go for the four turbo cylinder engine.

PS. The infotainment system is quite complex to use!

Comment from : Rida Al Osman

The instrument cluster looks like its trapped in the early 1990's.  It needs a total overhaul.  The dash looks dated as well.  Cadillac needs to get rid of that annoying touch system.  Knobs work better.  Also, why does it not have front L.E.D turn signals?  These little details are important to me.  The rest of the car needs to catch up to its driving dynamics.
Comment from : chigasaki06

Виталий Козинец
Good video, nice car, so thank you Zack!
Comment from : Виталий Козинец

Mag neto
I like it except for the gauges.
Comment from : Mag neto

Jason Schrotenboer
I drive the coupe version of the AWD 2.0T. For the money, it is an AMAZING car to drive. Maintenance has been spotless. Bass-rich sound system is definitely from Detroit (in a good way). ZZPerformance for upgrades is my recommendation.
Comment from : Jason Schrotenboer

Greg Cassanova
Still no digital dials? They could have at least updated the design
Comment from : Greg Cassanova

Your wife is kind of right. It's supposed to be a sports sedan.
Comment from : jsponson

Blake Swan
That instrument cluster is so bad. Looks like it's out of the 2005 CTS
Comment from : Blake Swan

Blake Swan
Its sad how sated they let this become. The interior is worse than most basic Chevy. Great exterior and handler. Terrible inside. Not luxury
Comment from : Blake Swan

I hav an uncle who owns this and loves it. But no adaptive cruise for a premium brand? Won't consider it
Comment from : ashrafc

Harper Price
I have had this car for two years and I have enjoyed it immensely. I love the looks inside and out.
Comment from : Harper Price

Terrance Moore
I love the ATS but I think it's time for a remodel. That's if they want to be competitive in the market.
Comment from : Terrance Moore

Great review Zach. The only problem with this car is that is a GM product, so after 4 years (or less ) will give all kind of problems. Kudos to GM for the manual version .
Comment from : gianfrancoa

Brian Lawrance
Mediocre at best
Comment from : Brian Lawrance

No Seasoning
ATS V is for me
Comment from : No Seasoning

Cadillac is having a super hard time selling these as well as the CTS. Best to look at used ones. Let the first buyer take that super huge depreciation hit.

The manual 2.0T is the one to get if you can fine one. Stay away from the 2.5L.

Comment from : vwmatt33

Chevy Cruze?
Comment from : tttdolph

Antoine Pageau
Your review of this Cadilac ATS made me realize just how bad your reviews are. You didn't bother showing the ridiculously cramped back seat that are too small even or 10 year olds. You rarely point out cars weaknesses and your reviews are way too light to be of any use. It's clear form a mile away that you're afraid to offend the manufacturers. Grow a pair or just call yourself Motorweek. Unsubscribed.
Comment from : Antoine Pageau

damn this thing is outdated. doesn't even offer front LED turn signals or HID's
Comment from : fillup316

Since most of the people who drive these are OLLDDD they need to add extra safety features. One of them rear ended me and the driver was like a 70 year old woman sooo..
Comment from : NEO O

Wowowo Rider
Great car but bad resale value!
Comment from : Wowowo Rider

Lou Giordano
Doesnt even offer xenon headlamps lol
Comment from : Lou Giordano

Joshua Syrtash
a real car!!
Comment from : Joshua Syrtash

Stephen Bradley
Nay on the piano black, Caddilac across its line. Fit and finish still isn't 100% either!
Comment from : Stephen Bradley

Nick R
This this the car that's made in Oshawa ON??
Comment from : Nick R

Mark Leckband
Hey Zach, fantastic review as always ! Long time fan here. Okay, so a year ago I really wanted the ATS 3.6 but decided on a e90 335i instead. I don't care too much for the face lift, as I feel it looks less premium than before. While I generally love Caddy styling (CTS is still amazing) I find the ATS is getting stale quickly. I think the facelift should have been more thorough to keep pace. I hope with the redesign they don't grow the car too much but give it a 1-1.5in more wheelbase to eliminate size complaints, slim down the headlights with more LED (no halogen blinkers!), make the proportions sharper and the design too. Keep the verticals taillights but make the rear look wider. As far as I'm concerned, the dynamics are top of class. All it needs is more engine refinement, a compressed V6, and interior ergonomic refinements. I wanted to love the car so much, but the Bimmer was the better vehicle all around.....except probably maintenance 😑and cup holders. Thanks again for a great review.
Comment from : Mark Leckband

Mike McGlock
is this a review or an advertisement?
Comment from : Mike McGlock

Test drove this 2 years back. It's a really good American alternative but simply too small for anyone with kids or having adults ride in the back regularly. I am 5'11" and the rear seating is ridiculously tight and so was the trunk- when everyone in the competition went up in size this still bench-marked the old BMW E46 dimensions, I feel. The V6 is bulletproof and very powerful. It handles way better than the equivalent 3 series/C-class/A4 but I have not heard good things about the reliability of the 2.0 Turbo.
Not a fan of the cue system as I prefer buttons and I found it frustrating but I heard it's gotten much better now.
There are some fantastic used deals on ATSs and if you are single or a young couple with no kids like Zach said, it is a fun sports sedan for you.

Comment from : DangerousDan

Boateng 2018
Great looking car ! I wish I could afford it.
Comment from : Boateng 2018

I feel like it already looks dated. LED’s should be standard and the interior with no buttons looks frustrating. Finger print smudges! No thank you.
Comment from : chrisdblue

Samuel Dobrow
every year caddys are getting better and more competitive against european and japanese cars...Lincoln, you're slipping.
Comment from : Samuel Dobrow

A friend of mine has one of these. For the record, it can fit 3 sets of golf clubs and 3 adults (seat had to be folded). A little snug, but still reasonably comfortable for a 1.5 hour ride. :)
Comment from : DarthRegis

Rafael Lastra com
Zack, your reviews are my favorite.  I enjoy them more than my Motorweek, and I enjoy my Motorweek.  lol... Cheers
Comment from : Rafael Lastra com

Nhat Huy
where is the new guy who won the audition?
Comment from : Nhat Huy

Bruno TaTa
Nice car to purchase when it's 2 years old. Overpriced new above the base trim level.
Comment from : Bruno TaTa

gary zhao
Zack, you reply?
Comment from : gary zhao

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