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Information video reviews of cadillac ats - www.brandbolsasloja.com

Title :  video reviews of cadillac ats - www.brandbolsasloja.com
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Ernie Nichols
great review I love my v6 runs great
Comment from : Ernie Nichols

Bernard Turner
Steve, where is your beautiful partner Nicolette? I think she would look great in this coupe!!!!
Comment from : Bernard Turner

Bernard Turner
Think I am going to add one of these to my stable
Comment from : Bernard Turner

Garrett Marshall
Just me - is the HUD speed display a little small?
Comment from : Garrett Marshall

When he says " does not include iPhone without a wireless case" in regards to the wireless charging. He says that as if it was something Cadillac dropped the ball on. No, Apple dropped the ball by being so far behind the times, per usual.
Comment from : mines2680

Devin Brunson
I have this car and its over priced. Kind of sluggish at takeoff and the engine whines when you ask for power. Can't see how they got the 0-60 numbers. The steering is tight along with the suspension, which is nice. I don't have that much of an issue with the CUE system but the backup camera is terrible for a $50k car. They're ass backwards with their trim packages. I have the luxury model and it comes with aluminum trim but the performance model comes with the wood trim. Its a good looking car but coming from a 5 series BMW, I'm a little disappointed. I got talked into trying a Cadillac, but if I could do it over I'd opt for a 4 series.
Comment from : Devin Brunson

Mad9977 Productions
great review =)
Comment from : Mad9977 Productions

Every time I see these late Caddies, I felt like I need to rob a bank. :P 
A great review and an amazing car!!

Comment from : knightky007

Steve, I absolutely love how aggressively you drove the ATS in the video especially when you turn onto another lane on the left to show how nimble this car is.  Great review.   www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9Sf2KBtLSY#t=67
Comment from : johnls39

Minja Zahirovic
Not thrilled by the body styling. It looks like they took the sedan and just removed the rear doors to create this vehicle. The coupe on it's own should have a different body in my opinion.
Comment from : Minja Zahirovic

Billy Sou
Steve - you got this Caddy probably before the snowstorms.  How much did you get (if any) in Albany as compared to the 7' in Buffalo? 
Comment from : Billy Sou

Cole Middleton
I sat in one of these at an auto show and it was very very nice. 
Comment from : Cole Middleton

Very pretty face. I do like the new design aesthetic they went with.
Comment from : Lukos0036

Another excellent review, though I wonder if for that amount of cash, most buyers will seek German brands with more panache and perhaps better resale value
Comment from : pedrof830

Another superb review.
Comment from : mahballzrhari

Jarrett Bing
Man these things are nice
Comment from : Jarrett Bing

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