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Cadillac ATS Coupé 2.0t AWD FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 - Autogefühl

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Information Cadillac ATS Coupé 2.0t AWD FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 - Autogefühl

Title :  Cadillac ATS Coupé 2.0t AWD FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 - Autogefühl
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Frames Cadillac ATS Coupé 2.0t AWD FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 - Autogefühl

Description Cadillac ATS Coupé 2.0t AWD FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 - Autogefühl

Comments Cadillac ATS Coupé 2.0t AWD FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 - Autogefühl

Lorieta Lovings
Just bought a Cadillac ats love it crystal white ..it looks different at night shine like a diamond
Comment from : Lorieta Lovings

Just bought a used '16 Premium 2.0T with a 6-spd MT. Drives great, handles great, gets great MPG, and is comfortable for my 5'9" old-man's body. Love this darn thing.
Comment from : rand49er

Bought a 2016 Coupe AWD BASE model. All the mechanical features i was looking for and none of the frill i don’t need. looks nice too. went with 2.0t. 50/50 weight balance. handles incredibly well. fun and spirited. adding more power is a down-pipe and an ecu tune away. would buy 2.0t over the 3.6 every time.
22k miles
factory warranty until 2022
moonstone metallic
leather-ish seats lol

Comment from : joeyripswell

Priscilla Nadene
I just bought this car, trying to learn more about it. Great review. thank you! Lol @ 20:36 this is quite fun = emotionless face haha
Comment from : Priscilla Nadene

Test drive the Cadillac CTS V. With the supercharged corvette v8
It will plant you in the seat

Comment from : Metalmachine467

M DeLuco
We need a drop top version
Comment from : M DeLuco

Don Berry
I was the manager of Motorsport Engineering in Pompano Beach Fl. I really enjoyed the Euro spec cars we recieved. Have you tried the ATS-V yet?
Comment from : Don Berry

Bondi Steve
Love your cultured presentation. Well done.
Comment from : Bondi Steve

You're gonna get crazy rattles in the cabin with this one after a few years.
Comment from : buzzhawk

Kevin B
I just got a 4 door ATS AWD 2.0T and I am loving it so far. It drives like a dream and the interior is beautiful and plenty comfortable. IMO it is the best looking car in its segment. Unique and undeniably American. Very happy with my purchase.
Comment from : Kevin B

Kyle Ropp
God this really is the most German car review ever, and I don't mean that as an insult it's just funny. The blazer lol
Comment from : Kyle Ropp

chef jeff
What I got a heads up display! Gotta go find that! You dont buy this car to put gramma in the back seat. The dash controls you touch above the silver bars once you figure that out they are very easy. I love the way you discribe the out side lines to the door handles and the light,daaaark shadow lines , just checked that out and they look much better at night.
Comment from : chef jeff

Victor Kenarsy
I’ve test drove multiple German coupes and I don’t see the quality that supports their high price. Most German cars sell for pocket change after 4 years because they’re made with so much plastic for integral parts and cost a left arm to fix out of warranty.
Comment from : Victor Kenarsy

Al Senior
To compare this caddy with a MB 300C is a joke. The Cadillac people managed to make this 2.0 gas 4-banger sound more like a diesel than a real diesel from MB sounds. Typical, all show, no substance.
Comment from : Al Senior

Hugh Mongus
I think it looks fantastic. And at USD $5,000-$15,000 less than BMW 3 and 4 series, Audi A4, and Mercedes C-Class, it's a good deal. They just need to improve the quality of the interior—without raising the price, lol.
Comment from : Hugh Mongus

Kristina S
The entire dashboard is designed to be custom set for desired pressure... It takes a brain to review a car nowadays
Comment from : Kristina S

i miss radio knobs
Comment from : Sjrick

Franks55 or Dave Kehr
look my Cadillac Sedan... cool video
Comment from : Franks55 or Dave Kehr

Frank Kwok
In Orange Country, California. People would preferred a Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Lexus, import brands over our domestic premium brand. Although limousine service would use mostly Cadillac. In our states, people may like the domestic premium brand.

I like the exterior style but not the interior. Not so functional and hard to use the buttonless controls. For this price range I would preferred Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. 🦅🦅👍🏻

Comment from : Frank Kwok

doesn't the gear lever (stick/shift) look like a... -
well like a... -
ok let's say it looks very "manly"... doesn't it ?
(but not circumcised)

Comment from : sensingowls

Charlie Hein
Damned with faint praise. :( I love Cadillacs!!!
Comment from : Charlie Hein

Great looking car but not very practical if this will be your only vehicle!
Comment from : OceanBlue

Rashaan Lemell
Great review keep up the great work
Comment from : Rashaan Lemell

Ray Boccino
That's a really nice car! Only drawbacks are the Cadillac CUE (too attention-seeking!) and the limited engine choices (it needs a diesel engine for sure!)! I also think that the new 3 litre Twin-Turbo V6 of the CT6 should fit nicely in there, instead of the 3.6 V6! Especially in a facelifted ATS-V!
@5:35 : The ATS-V makes 465 hp, yes, but out of a 3.6 Twin-Turbo V6, not a V8!

Comment from : Ray Boccino

Colin Smith
The exterior looks fantastic. I think it could benefit from even sharper angles in the front. Am not really impressed with the interior, and I agree with Thomas that it's not in the same class as German cars. As an American, I would say that Cadillacs are common enough here that they don't really attract so much attention. My guess is that most people would only choose it over the BMW 4 series because it's cheaper in price.
Comment from : Colin Smith

Cadillac sedans are a rare car in the U.S.  I have never seen this sedan on the road in person.  Actually, I've seen the CTS, but I don't remember ever seeing the ATS.  Most Americans cannot or do not want to afford this car.

It is based on the American Muscle car - the Camaro.  Many Americans like the Camaro.  It sells for about $10,000 less and keeps 55% of its value after 3 years.  The Cadillac ATS is currently the only U.S. built and designed car in this class.  Even so, it doesn't sell well here due to poor name recognition.  Acura, Lexus, and I think even Hyundai are more popular.

A lot of Americans are obsessed with Japanese and other Asian cars.  I personally only ever liked the Mazda 3.

The engine should last until 300,000 km under 40 C heat and 95% humidity.  If it breaks before then, there is a design defect.  GM is notorious for cheap interiors.  The outside looks of a car is generally considered and important selling point in American car.

Like the Camaro, the back seats are not meant to be functional.  They exist on the unusual chance that somebody extra has to ride in the back.  We generally have wider parking spaces than in Europe, so the coupe doors are not as bad.

I hope GM takes your suggestions to heart.

Comment from : thilltrot

Eric Larsen
would like to see it in hybrid
Comment from : Eric Larsen

Robert Crouch
Premium but not "high class" premium-- just a BIT of German bias Thomas ! but rear entry seat belt is ridiculous design! the V engine setup is amazing though !
Comment from : Robert Crouch

House Cadillac
Possible you can do a 3.6 review ?!
Comment from : House Cadillac

luis _
That heads up display is amazing, something out of a combat aircraft.
Comment from : luis _

Clint Eastwood
The ATS is the smallest coupe. You need to test the ATS V. I am surprised that GM is selling this low brand for Cadillac. The fully loaded versions have magnetic ride control now. Kindly test the CTS VSPORT Platinum in Germany or the CT6 Platinum. We love your review style here in the United States and need to know how our cars compete. Thanks!
Comment from : Clint Eastwood

Compared to my Audi A4 Quattro the ATS4 (AWD) handles much better, is far more fun to drive and feels more premium. Build quality is too early to tell. Looks great except for some minor details with the weatherstripping around front windshield. Negatives: much smaller trunk (not as bad as the Audi 80 models which had a tiny trunk), gauges a bit dated, only two floor hooks in trunk, turn knobs for AC vents do not light up, no LED headlights available yet, could use extra 2 inches rear legroom, needs a sunglasses storage area. Love the details that show GM based the car on BMW3/AUDiA4: fuel cap on passenger side is a good example.
Comment from : MrGierigegast

Robert Crouch
It's a mystery why manufacturers all seem to be in love with the no nob dash- and as your Cadillac ATS Coupe review shows- it can be confusing to adjust controls-- the BMW Idrive is another example of poor design... there is a safety feature also for having a dedicated knob for some basic functions like audio controls.
Comment from : Robert Crouch

I just purchased a 2016 ATS sedan, and the center console is rock solid, zero movement. You must have gotten a car built on a Friday, lol.
Comment from : sako4me

1.86 Meters is 6.1" Feet for all us American viewers.
Comment from : Panthers1521

Danny Murphy
It performed better than german rivals on figure 8 test lateral Gs I read, The ATS alpha platform is excellent
Comment from : Danny Murphy

James Consolo
great looking vehicle.....you don't buy a coupe to worry about the rear seating room lol
Comment from : James Consolo

Währe an einem deutschen ausführlichen Bericht sehr interessiert!!
Comment from : TheFreakyman81

Währe an einem deutschen ausführlichen Bericht sehr interessiert!!
Comment from : TheFreakyman81

Chasey Chaseykins
I just bought this exact car. I mostly got it because of the exterior and at least the coupe version of this car is quite rare (Canada). Definitely not as luxurious on the interior compared to a Mercedes C class, but I really dislike the new design Mercedes has gone for making everything looking like the CLA. BMW is so common in my area that I didn't go for it. The Audi I test drove felt completely lifeless and boring. The Cadillac may not be the best in many areas, but it is unique, offers a sense of charm when driving and at least in my opinion, the best looking.
Comment from : Chasey Chaseykins

I really liked your honest & in depth review. Big Like!
Comment from : Daniel

Boateng 2018
In my opinion this car looks great, and would seem like a more interesting choice in this category. Here in the US, you don't tend to see nearly as many of these Cadillacs as the BMW offerings in this class. Many Americans are drawn to the badge and brand without even considering the car itself. Exterior wise the Cadillac seems to be a little more unique and possibly a little more sporty looking. The BMW sedans seem a little more boring looking, and the Audi sedans quite boring looking. Mercedes C-class looks nice, exterior wise. If you are hoping to get a GM car interior that is superior to the BMW, Audi, or Mercedes cabin, I still think you will be consistently let down. But as far as exterior looks, and drivetrain/engine performance, this Cadillac seems to be quite good and very competitive in its class. Here in the US, and for my money, I would personally go with a Japanese sedan such as a Lexus, or possibly even an Acura if I was looking for the best value. But to answer the question posed by the reviewer: The BMW sedans are probably the most common luxury sedans seen on the roads here in the US, along with the Mercedes sedans. (German car manufacturers have known this for years, thus inflating the cars US price tag as compared to its prices in Germany; as well as the rest of Europe). There are a lot of Acura's out on the roads as far as the "entry level luxury sedans" sub category. Then followed by Lexus, Audi's, Cadillacs, etc. Infiniti's are sort of like unicorns these days. Not very many at all seen out on the roads; but their product line has been in transition recently. It should be noted that here in the US it is common knowledge that long term reliability is historically questionable for the German cars referenced here, as well as the home grown Cadillacs. In particular, annoying electrical problems. With that said, the consumer may choose the American car over the German car when taking into consideration they both have questionable reliability; thinking that at least the American car will be less expensive to repair here in the US. But as I mentioned before, the American consumer is often a slave to the brand name and badge on the car, thus BMW (and other German imports) continue to sell very well here. They are all very good cars, albeit very expensive to buy and maintain. Just my opinions, coming from an American consumer that has owned and driven many cars over the years including GM's, VW's, Mercedes, Audi's, Honda/Acura.
Comment from : Boateng 2018

Jan-Peter Mohwinkel
it is still an american car, not as close to german quality as the americans would like to be
Comment from : Jan-Peter Mohwinkel

Jan-Peter Mohwinkel
Your opinion about the downsizing is not correct, it is working but the americans cant do it. A comparable german car with the same ening has a lot less fuel consumption
Comment from : Jan-Peter Mohwinkel

really enjoyed the video. was wondering if you can do a review of the new chrysler 300?
Comment from : marksparks420

Tarik Gibraltar
I like the interior, I love the exterior; I love how different and 'sharp' it looks. If I was spending £30,000+ on a compact saloon car, I don't want it to look like every other £30,000 saloon out there. I don't like the laggy infotainment system and I absolutely HATE the instrument cluster. They are terrible and look like they belong in a £9,000 Dacia not a Caddy! They need to be redesigned or include the all-digital display from the CTS (which is much, much better) as standard equipment.
Comment from : Tarik Gibraltar

Gorgeous coupe - can't wait to buy one!
Comment from : Seventizz

also I had to subscribe to this channel 5 min into the video. most likely the best YouTube car reviewer I've seen keep them coming 10/10
Comment from : Mushroomstamp

Dude the touch screen is using like 2006 technology as far as speed goes wtf I know after market andriod systems that run extremely fast and multitasking with multiple applications this will not do its a deal breaker
Comment from : Mushroomstamp

Lock Ness
You made a mistake when using the volume control, instead of pushing or holding the up/down arrow, you are supposed to glide your finger between the two arrows. It works must faster this way. Also the sliver parts in the control panel are meant to be a guide for your finder, so you don't need to take you eyes off the road when using them. Other than that, excellent review!
Comment from : Lock Ness

I think you made a mistake those paddles behind the wheel are not plastic they are magnesium. Also anything that looks like metal in a Cadillac is.....not plastic. Also Many talk about how the Germans are so premium but I know at least here in the states BMW's are so problematic and engine failure is not that uncommon. We have a site called Craigslist and you can get a modern used BMW with the engine shot all day long. Features cost a huge premium in them and then they costs a fortune to keep fixing the electronics. I would beg you to actually do some of your "test" on a BMW or Benz and see what results you get.
Comment from : RayJ-HT

stefan koles
maybe the best car brought to europe...i really like this awsome car, I would allways choose this car in detriment of bmw
Comment from : stefan koles

Németh Ádám
Put a decent 500 cui Cadillac V8 in it!
Comment from : Németh Ádám

Darrell Parker
GM is trash. This car isn't selling in the US, most Americans buy the competitors of the ATS.


Comment from : Darrell Parker

kenya catholic
Funny, I drove the German (South african built) 3 Series and thought it was crude and not very well built
Comment from : kenya catholic

He`s very polite.
But he basically says the car is lousy.

Comment from : NorwegianOne

Kristof Michaels
Love your review. It was nice to see a European perspective of this vehicle.
Comment from : Kristof Michaels

Larry Hatch
Thomas: thanks for another masterful review of US cars without the bias pro and con of American and European car magazines - whom I trust as far as I can toss a Hummer or S-class. Your reviews are very fair, detailed, pragmatic, and believable. Their length and your clear English speaking are appreciated - most German car reviews we have translated with crazy comments like "the goose left the barn" or "black is away by the corn". We avoid that with your reviews. You are clear, honest, precise, and with high video quality and the right dose of humor. You are now my "go to" guy for objective reviews of our American cars; which we hope are getting better. Johann de Nysschen should subscribe to your Caddy reviews. Brilliant sir!
Comment from : Larry Hatch

Néstor Galvis
Anyone who has met a German knows that the only things that not criticize are those made in Germany.
Comment from : Néstor Galvis

Andrew M
I like the side profile but I still think it's behind its German competition. The A5/S5 is still the benchmark IMO. Generally I don't think Cadillac does the coupe shape as well the sedan.
Comment from : Andrew M

Carlos Fernandez
Astonishing design!!. Nevertheless, in the U.S. when people think about a highclass car, they usually go for a MB, BMW or even Lexus. I think it's a shame that the interior looks much lower level than the rest  of the car.
Comment from : Carlos Fernandez

Leider haben sich paar kleine Fehler eingeschlichen (die V Version bekommt vorerst nur einen V6-Turbo, die vermeitnlichen "Plastik"-Paddles bestehen aus Magnesium, der Umrechnungsfaktor von hp auf PS ist ungleich 1, das Auto hat daher nur 270 hp). Abgesehen davon ein angenehm ausführlicher und kritischer Test!
Comment from : TheMasterOfMovie

I'm not sure, but to me this 2.0t is the same engine as in the Astra OPC. It has almost the same power and torque. And it'a a GM brand.
Comment from : slapi2006

Jonas Borg
overall very nice, but that seatbelt, COME ON! Are they even trying?
Comment from : Jonas Borg

The V is going to be a twin turbo not V8. Now those paddles you called plastic and cheap behind the steering wheel are magnesium. Next you called the metal on the doors plastic just below the leather. Actually ever metal looking surface in a modern Cadillac is metal. For the dash you bashed the layering of materials. Well it is styled in a way that a designer would layer materials to see how they would work together and I love it. I think over all, as I could go on, you look to say something negative but you haven't educated yourself on the product before making a video.....that was supposed to be informative.
Comment from : RayJ-HT

Marijan Matic
Good car, but it has some bad  details...  First of all, this car looks so sharp and agressive, and while watching the review, I couldnt get out of my head, that the wheels look kinda small, maybe 19" would be better, but overall the design is pretty good. The biggest flaw with this car is its interior.  Central console looks like a mix of upgraded  , premium Opel Insignia and some korean manufacturers, and that wouldnt be bad , but Cadillac must be something special. And that speedometer looks like from Opel Omega from  the 90"s, that is the worst detail for me , when I saw it I couldnt believe it.

But your review was great as always, I really enjoy the way you get into details and how intersting it sounds.
Question, please tell me what do you think of that speedometer, I cant  stop thinking about it, LOL...

Comment from : Marijan Matic

I think that you can compare this car to KIA or Hyundai. Quality of German cars are on other level, american cars are 10 years behind.
Comment from : j4hoo115

Thomas, here in American we love our Cadillac,but I do not like that touch interface.
Comment from : wayne

Marko Horvat
Weird center console, shiny with a lot of fingeprints. Bad quality also....we europeans are spoiled with audi/bmw/merc  choices.
Comment from : Marko Horvat

David van der Zande
The interior looks horrible. I'd rather buy a more expensive BMW or a Mercedes than looking at this cheap glossy plastic in the dashboard.
Comment from : David van der Zande

Ronald de Rooij
How many kilometers did you drive with the car? Did you ever leave the "Industriegelände" or the "Innenstadt" at all?
Comment from : Ronald de Rooij

Actually the ATS-V makes 450hp and has a 3.6l V6 twin turbo but there making the CTS-V which has the 6.2l supercharged V8 making 640hp(same engine from the Z06)
Comment from : blackopsisbeastify

Autogefühl! Have no idea what that means but sounds very German. Very good interior review, get to see the details. Driving test around some car park doesn't cover a lot, though.
Comment from : ycnexu

While I'm not much for Cadillac's exterior styling It's nice to se that cadillac is now at least in the game. The ATS is built in my home town and I have friends that build them. They are quite proud of this car. The ATS and CTS are big steps in the right direction. In the driving dynamics there is a lot to like about this car relative to the F30 3/4-series and the Audi and Mercedes. However, what let's it down is the interior. The quality of the design, the materials, and the fit and finish are just not up to European or Japanese class. 

This is not yet a 3-series killer but it has potential.

Comment from : herrdoktorprofessor

Dom P
The ATS-V is a twin turbo V6, not a V8
Comment from : Dom P

Jerzy G.
Good review and nice background music - as always at Autogefühl. That car has caught my attention since first reviews made by US journalists appeared on the web. But I've never thought that I would see it on german licence plates. From how long is this car offered in Germany? ATS Coupe is an interesting, eye-catching car and it's good that an european customer have gotten finaly a wider range of real coupes to choose from. Too bad that the ATS Coupe is in Europe a sole representative in GM's 2+2 model range (or am I wrong?). Why Opel doesn't make now middle class coupes such as the GTC Concept from 2007? Seriously a market for that type of cars doesn't exist here anymore?
Comment from : Jerzy G.

שריג נקר
Thank you ;) post one last question TT roadster more ...I really listen to you your review help me to buy ;)
Comment from : שריג נקר

שריג נקר
Thank you for the comment in the tt roadster I posted last question there im wait your answer thank you !!
Comment from : שריג נקר

Saeed Anwar
nice to see a Cadillac in a review!!!
 Interesting review against the German Brands

Comment from : Saeed Anwar

Mina Botrous
I love watching ur review especially when you give us ur perspective of an American car, cause a lot of reviews ignore the little things that you pay attention for which together make or break a car ... I just wished that you had the higher trim level and it would be great if you can review the CTS V-sport. thanks
Comment from : Mina Botrous

You forgot to mention the hidden compartment in the center console below the GPS screen. If you push below it, it will flip open and you have a place to put your phone and charge it. Quite clever solution:  torqueaffair.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/ATS-compartment.jpg
Comment from : A320Pilots

Premium plastic car
Comment from : Fexxe

Excellently made video. Good English. Thank you for posting this.
Comment from : gdwfs

I like the way the bonnet lid fits flush along the top of the grill and lights, instead of adding an extra design line like with BMW.

Unfortunately that's about the only thing I like about this car. The interior looks dated, sluggish, flimsy plastic, hard design lines, impractical layout. Don't Americans care about quality? They must do surely, but then how does Cadillac manage to sell anything?

Comment from : Wishwader

freeman Geiger
Btw: Excellent review!
Comment from : freeman Geiger

freeman Geiger
Cadillacs do stand out in the US with the exterior design. The V series is actually a twin turbo 3.6 litre V6. There will be a VPlus with a 7.0 litre V8 following.
Comment from : freeman Geiger

Love your car reviews! Good job! Very professional and great info!
Comment from : Kenny

Péter Sági
What happens with the windows at 0:19? :O
Comment from : Péter Sági

Fritz Rottmann
You can move your finger along the volume "button" to control the volume like you do on your smartphone.
Comment from : Fritz Rottmann

Matthew Mers
You should do a review of the MY14 Saab 9-3 or maybe a MY10-11 9-5 Saab 9-5. Would be funny to see a review of these somewhat dated cars today. (I'm a Saab fan)
Comment from : Matthew Mers

Just some random guy
Nice car, nice review as always, so whats you're favorite car Thomas?
Comment from : Just some random guy

And that instrument cluster! Gm 2004 is calling you!
Comment from : HarryC26

No no no no no... It has nothing on its rivals. I'd rather have a BMW over this in a heartbeat!
Comment from : HarryC26

Mon Mi
Id like you Thomas but sounds like u was tooooo hard with this vehicle....
Comment from : Mon Mi

Thanks for the review ! GM with this vehicle needs to do a better job with the MMI system Cue is lack luster in use .
The over all design is good , its common car on the road here in US , but lots of competition for the money.
Fuel consumption is to high and needs to improve, i believe in the future they will address this with use of the upcoming hybrid system
from the the New 2016 Volt powertrain , which will be used in several model lines in the future, with use of drivetrain and smaller battery.


Comment from : TechExplorer

Side/rear profile reminds me of my A5 coupé.
Too bad they kept amber bulb and not LED for front turn lights.

Interior is original, but I much prefer Audi's.

Comment from : sebxx

Mario Dalla Riva
Thanks Thomas & Co.

Thumbs up: exterior styling. I always appreciate seeing something "different" on the road.

Thumbs down: interior instrument cluster/gauges & the central console + controls.
Gear shift lever grotesque. Looks like an old woman's large toe.

Seems the designers didn't want anyone to use the rear seats ;)

I'm in Canada West. Very few of these on the roads. BMW, Audi & Mercedes as common as Honda civics here.


Comment from : Mario Dalla Riva

marius george
a Cadillac CTS review woud be more interesting
Comment from : marius george

I thought Cadillac got out of Europe but it's nice to see it back. Quality has gotten better but still not as good as the competitors. For example that arm rest was loose and making noise, not a thing you would expect after spending a nice sum of money. But looks awesome outside, different in a good way for sure!
Comment from : Kobbetop

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