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Why Buy? | 2018 Cadillac ATS Review

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Information Why Buy? | 2018 Cadillac ATS Review

Title :  Why Buy? | 2018 Cadillac ATS Review
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Comments Why Buy? | 2018 Cadillac ATS Review

Long Horn
I love him. For two people is awesome.
Comment from : Long Horn

In terms of reliability how is this car?
Comment from : TheKidd2013

Michael Bustos
Cadillac please change the piano black material to something else
Comment from : Michael Bustos

El Jefe
Nobody was worrying about that weak ass watch you were wearing that nobody saw or cared about. These sponsors are shit like the watch you “were wearing”
Comment from : El Jefe

Mitsubishi Electric
What a super car, I love it, it's able to understand me
Comment from : Mitsubishi Electric

Andy Gay
Lost it at swaglord
Comment from : Andy Gay

Robert Robertson
It could just be my imagination, but from the side view of this version of the ats, the rear wheels appears to be much larger than the one on the v version of the ats.
Comment from : Robert Robertson

Blake Swan
When when this come out? Seems like a decade ago and it looks it. Not even close to competing with an Audi A4 let alone the 3 series. Obviously I disagree with Jake's intro. So much potential in that chassis but let down by being GM. So much ugly plastics and GM pleather....eww. Buick offers a nicer interior. Then there is the price, yikes.
Comment from : Blake Swan

D Tay
I'd buy
Comment from : D Tay

Piersandro Mannino
It still in production? 😂 I saw them only in parking lot of rental cars companies. I rather take a Giulia or an A4.
Comment from : Piersandro Mannino

Wow looks like the CUE has been improved so much in look feel and speed compared to the 2012 version I tested. That was one of the biggest deal breakers for me.
Comment from : DangerousDan

Danilo Živanović
Comment from : Danilo Živanović

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